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Abudin is a fictional city located in Saudi Arabia. Tintin visits the city after leaving the film camp of his then friend, Roberto Rastapopoulos and a long journey through a desert, avoiding the pursuing Thompson and Thomson. He and Snowy arrive there just as war had been declared after a village Sheik was attacked by two members of an enemy tribe (actually the Thompsons). Tintin was drafted into the army by Corporal Abu-Bin-Dun and he uses a false name, Ali-Bhai.

Still in pursuit of information regarding the drug smuggling, Tintin inspects a military officer, Colonel Fuad's office. Fuad caught him red-handed and orders him to be shot as a spy. He was imprisoned there, but broken out by Thompson and Thomson, then placed under secure guard and shot with blanks. The trick worked and Tintin was again rescued by Thompson and Thomson, who then place him under their warrant of arrest. After the soldiers battered down their door,Tintin runs through the city to a plane and makes his escape by air.


When Cigars of the Pharaoh was first published in 1932, it was the real-life holy city of Mecca. The city is barred to non-Muslims so Tintin disguises himself as an Arab in order to enter it.