"So! The famous reporter! A little kid with big ideas, like he's gonna make war on Al Capone...on me, the king of Chicago!"
—Al Capone[src]

Al Capone was an American gangster who led a far reaching crime syndicate during the prohibition-era. He is the only real-life person to be depicted in The Adventures of Tintin. Capone is also known in the book as "Scarface" and the "King of the Chicago Gangsters."



Al Capone features as one of the chief antagonists in Tintin in America and is mentioned earlier in Tintin in the Congo where his gangsters are encountered by Tintin . Capone's rival is the devious Bobby Smiles, who heads the Gangsters' Syndicate of Chicago, who Tintin does in fact manage to capture. Tintin manages to briefly capture Capone but his ultimate failure to capture Capone reflects on the fact that Capone was still active at the time of writing.

In the Animated Adaptation of the Book, he was given a much bigger role. Instead of there being individual criminals, they are all led by Capone himself.

Known Associates:

  • 5 unnamed leutenants in Tintin in the Congo.
  • An unnamed gangster who with Pietro knocked out Tintin.
  • An unnamed gangster who broke into Tintin's apartment.
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