"The lure of greed...for a little gold, they would kill their own mother and father. Jackals, real jackals!"
—Alexandre Timochenko[src]

Alexandre Timochenko, better known as Father Alexandre, is a Greek churchman of a Russian decent.


Father Alexandre appears the film of Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece of The Adventures of Tintin series. He was met by Captain Haddock, and Tintin explaining about the death of Themistocles Paparanic. They explained that since Haddock inherited the boat, the men tried to kill them. He reveals that when forced out of government in Tetaragua, he and his four comrades took a large quantity of gold from the central bank. Paparanic took the lion's share of the loot while the rest was spread among the others. It's now clear that Karabine wants Paparanic's gold. Before Tintin and Haddock leave, Father Alexandre gives them a bottle of red wine which Paparanic gave him while visiting him last Christmas and told him to drink after his death. Since the priest now abstains from alcohol he entrusts it to his visitors.

Drawn version of Father Alexandre

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