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Professor Alfredo Topolino is an Italian expert in the field of ultrasonics who resides in Nyon, Switzerland. He appears in The Calculus Affair.


Professor Calculus had consulted Topolino by mail on the development of an ultrasonic invention which was capable of shattering glass and china. Calculus was also working on a full scale model which could destroy metal, bricks, concrete and other stronger materials. Worried about the effects of such a weapon he arranged to meet with Topolino at the latter's home in Nyon in order to talk about it.

What neither man knew was that Topolino's manservant Boris had intercepted their mail and had passed this on to the ZEP, the secret service of his native country Borduria. The head of the service, Colonel Sponsz, subsequently sent agents to kidnap Calculus.

Aware that Calculus was in danger, Tintin and Captain Haddock tracked him to Topolino's house in Nyon where they found the owner bound and gagged in his own cellar. Topolino angrily accused Calculus of attacking him.

After talking things through with Haddock and Tintin, they concluded that the Calculus who had attacked him was an impostor. The intruder then pretended to be Professor Topolino and kidnapped Calculus when he arrived.

Topolino as seen in the book series

Moments after reaching this conclusion, Topolino's house was blown up by a time bomb, placed by Bordurian agents. Luckily, everyone survived, and Haddock was able to drink down the contents of a bottle of wine Topolino had bought for his meeting with Calculus.