"That's one little surprise, Mr Tintin, and there'll be others."

Angorapoulos is a Greek criminal worker who appears in Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece in the employ of Anton Karabine, who sent him undercover as a sailor on board the Golden Fleece to look for clues leading to Paparanic's gold.

He was first seen playing a Turkish card game with Attila Thai which was interrupted by Captain Haddock who told him to get up on deck. He nonchalantly demonstrated his skill with a throwing knife, throwing a knife that barely missed Haddock and struck the centre of a target on the wall.

Tintin later catches him going through Paparanic's papers, and they engage in a brief fight, which Tintin easily wins. He is tied up and locked in the hold, but is helped to escape in a lifeboat by his accomplice Yefima.

He then was found and spied on by Tintin at a barber shop in Athens. Tintin, Haddock, Snowy, and the Thompsons trailed him to the offices of Karexport, where he requisitioned a car.

He later kidnapped Scoubidouvitch with the aid of several other Karexport thugs in order to stop him telling anyone else what he knew about the locations of Paparanic's former crew members. After being pursued along the mountain road by Tintin and Haddock on a motorcycle, his car was driven over the edge by a truck. Angorapoulos and his comrades managed to escape the flaming wreck alive.

He later accompanied Karabine to the island of Tassika, where he held the crew of the Golden Fleece at gunpoint before locking them up in Paparanic's cabin, and unsuccessfully attempted to shoot the escaping Tintin. When the police arrived at the island to apprehend Karabine and his accomplices, Angorapoulos engaged in a gunfight with them and was shot, though not fatally.

He was later arrested along with his comrades.

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