Angorapoulos is a Greek criminal worker who appears in Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece in The Adventures of Tintin series. He was first seen playing a Turkish card game with Attila Thai and interrupted by Captain Haddock and was told to get up on deck. Then, he nonchalantly throw a knife at Haddock attempting to hurt him, but Haddock dodged, and was hinted that he is a villain.

He is, when Tintin saw him searching Paparanic's papers. He was armed and Tintin fought Angorapoulos, and Haddock came and tie him up, but Angorapoulos. It was believed that Yefima helped him escape.

He was last seen at a barber shop in Athens, and Tintin, Haddock, Snowy, and the Thompsons were following him to Karexort, held by Anton Karabine. They followed the car from a Greek taxi driver.

Then, Angorapoulos kidnapped Scoubidouvitch, and Tintin and Haddock , and Snowy chased them on the motorbike, until Angorapoulos's car fell down, and the villains flee on foot.

Then he fired Tintin and he set up the dynamite to blow up the Golden Fleece along with Clodion, Haddock, and Professor Calculus. He wanted to shoot at the officer, and Attila's men shot him, but he was wounded. He was finally arrested with Karabine, Yefima, and other crew members.

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