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Anetnor Zalamea is a Spanish scientist who appears in the film Tintin and the Blue Oranges, of The Adventures of Tintin series.

He is first mentioned where at Marlinspike Hall, Tintin, Haddock, and Cuthbert Calculus, received a package containing a blue orange from him.

The bandits stole the orange from them, so on Calculus's behalf, they went to the Hacienda Bello Horizonte, where Zalamea lives. They met his cousin, Don Lopez, whom Tintin misidentified him. He was kidnapped by the agents of Sadek el Benzine, whom Estensoro, Don Lopez's butler, supposedly called to kidnap him, along with Calculus where they finally met at the church as a hideout.

For 2 weeks, Zalamea have sensed he had been spied on. The company, Oranges Inc., wrote to him, offering sums of money, which he refused to reply. He had received threatening letters, from el Benzine, as the Emir also knows about his work. He believed that el Benzine wants to be the only one, to possess the secret of the blue oranges. El Benzine had offered him millions of dollars, as he seems quite set on getting hold of his work and himself. Zalamea also noted that if something bad happens to him, it will be Oranges Inc., and the Emir that is responsible for his possible death.

For their escape, they made a radio transmitter, used to notify police, and call Tintin, Snowy, and Haddock to rescue them. They were taken to el Benzine's yacth, where they were to take them to Arabia. After being rescued by defeating el Benzine and his crew, with Tintin, Haddock, Snowy, Pablito, Francesito, and the children, they appeared in Marlinspike and received a ceremonial photograph, in amusement.