"I made it my personal duty to be here at the end of this adventure, Mr Tintin. Unfortunately, it ends very badly for you!"
—Anton Karabine[src]

Anton Karabine is a Greek businessman and the main antagonist Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece in The Adventures of Tintin series. He is the founder and CEO of the shady Karexport company.

Prior to the events of the film, Karabine accompanied Themistocles Paparanic to Teteragua alongside Midas PaposScoubidouvitch, and Alexandre Timochenko. He briefly held a position in the new Teteraguan government before fleeing the country eleven days later with his comrades.

He was first seen as the head of the company Karexport, when he appeared in Istanbul for offering Haddock 400,000 Turkish pounds or 20 million French francs. He claims to be an old friend of Paparanic and offers to buy the boat for "sentimental" reasons, but the huge amounts that he offers makes Tintin suspicious and on his advice Haddock turns the offer down.

Not to be put off finding Paparanic's gold, he arranges several attempts to kill Tintin and Haddock in Istanbul. When this fails, he sends Angorapolous and Yefima undercover as sailors on board the Golden Fleece to search for clues to the location of the gold.

Later, he is alerted by Yefima that Tintin and Haddock have located the gold at the island of Thassika, and heads there at once with his henchmen via helicopter. They board the Golden Fleece and, taking the chest of Paparanic's gold, lock all of the crew (barring Tintin) in Paparanic's cabin, then set up several crates of dynamite to blow up the ship after they escape.

Karabine and his men take the chest back to their helicopter only to come under attack by the police. Karabine gets aboard the helicopter which suddenly takes off. It is revealed that Tintin has replaced the pilot. A struggle between the two ensues, and the pilot-less helicopter begins to spiral out of control Tintin manages to win the fight and right the helicopter again.

Beaten, the villain announces that no-one will get the gold, opens a hatch and lets the chest fall into the ocean. He was later arrested, possibly never to know that the chest didn't contain the real gold he was after.

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