Attila Thai is a Turkish undercover police officer who appears in the film Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece in The Adventures of Tintin series.

He was recruited by Captain Haddock to the crew of the Golden Fleece. Undercover as a sailor, Attila investigated the suspicious interest Karexport showed in the Golden Fleece. He played cards with Angorapoulos in order to blend in more as one of the crew, but his friendliness to Angorapoulos led to him being suspected by Haddock as the man who helped Angorapoulos escape the ship (Yefima being the actual culprit).

When the Golden Fleece docked in Athens, Attila trailed Yefima to the local offices of Karexport, before making a report to his superiors on a telephone. After Tintin and Haddock returned from their journey to the San Stefano monastery, Attila and Yefima both learned of the treasure's location. Knowing that Yefima would alert Karabine, Attila left to fetch the police, though his departure was not noted by any of the other characters.

When Anton Karabine travelled to the island of Thassika, Attila pursued him in a motorboat, along with several olice officers and the Thompsons. They arrived at the island just as Karabine was making off with Paparanic's treasure, and a gunfight began. When the Karexport thugs ran out of ammunition, Attila's men surrounded and arrested them.

He was last seen revealing his true identity to a surprised Haddock before reported that the treasure was lost in a deep sea trench.

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