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The Bordurians are the ethnic people of Borduria, and rivals of the Syldavians.

They are first depicted in King Ottokar's Sceptre, as people who attempt to steal the scepter and force King Muskar XII to abdicate due to the ceremony on St. Vladmir's Day, thus causing chaos for the country. They are seen as somewhat Balkan, and often swear by the whiskers of Kurve-Tasch. They speak a language similar to the Syldavians, and often wear the same attire as them.

Müsstler, a notable Bordurian, leader of the Zyldav Zentral Revolutzionär Komitzät (a political organisation) was a close companion of King Muskar XII, who was unaware that Müsstler was actually a Bordurian spy determined to overthrow Borduria. One of his allies/henchmen is shown carrying the Sceptre to Klow, when Tintin and Snowy stop him just before the border.

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