Bugsy Kidnap's original design as seen in the book series.

Bugsy is a primary antagonist in Tintin in America. He runs a business in Chicago called Kidnap Inc., which operates in an old abandoned castle. He first appeared when one of his accomplices returned to the base with their latest hostage Snowy. But little do they know Tintin followed the accomplice to the base and hid in a suit of armor and knocked out Bugsy and two of his accomplices. Tintin then grabbed the prison keys of him and went down to free Snowy. But he then regained consciousness and sent some of his men to bring Tintin to him. After realizing his men have failed to capture him, Bugsy makes a quick escape. He then calls in one of his allies Maurice Oyle, who runs a company called Gryndre. After hearing about Maurice's failure to assassinate Tintin, Bugsy brutally bashes him. But he hadn't noticed that Tintin had disguised himself as a butler and snuck into his office, and picks up his pistol and tries to get him to give in. But then he realizes that the gun is empty. Then Bugsy uses his cane sword and tries to stab Tintin a few times but ends up stabbing Snowy in the tail. Tintin then ties him and Maurice up and takes them to to the police.

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