Canon is a word used to describe a fixed collection of text. In Tintin Wiki, canon refers to the following:

  1. Latest of published Works by Herge
  2. Information from earlier published works by Herge if not contradicted by later works
  3. Information from Herge, from interviews, notes, diaries as long as it does not contradict a higher source, unless it is correcting a higher source
  4. Information from films, TV series etc based on Herge's works, made with the permission of Herge or his agents or executors can be considered canon as long as it does not contradict a higher source

Overall guideline (from Wiki Guidelines "Though this wiki is for all Tintin media, the comics take priority. While information can be added about movies, television and video games, information about the comics always comes first."

On the opposite end of the spectrum from canon is fan fiction, which consists of information, stories and supposition that has been created by fans but which are not actually addressed in any of the canonical sources listed above. Presenting supposition, conjecture or extrapolation as fact on Tintin Wiki would be considered as vandalism. Conjecture can be marked within an article by adding the tag "{{conjecture}}".

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