Carreidas 160.png

The Carreidas 160 is the private jet of Laszlo Carreidas, the "millionare who never laughs." It was later hi-jacked in Flight 714 by rebellious crew members working for Roberto Rastapopoulos. The only crew who didn't help hi-jack were Piotr Skut and Gino.

It was painted red and white outside, while the interior had green seats. A security camera was hidden over a certain seat and could be viewed from a small television at Carreidas's seat (Carreidas used this CCTV installment to cheat in a game of Battleships against Captain Haddock).  In the back of the plane was a kitchen and a bar.

The plane was later dumped into the ocean by Rastapopulos's men after they landed it at a secret base. It was never seen nor heard from again.


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