Cheng Li-Kin is the owner of a Chinese store in Katmandu.


He is the cousin of Chang Chong-Chen's adoptive father, Wang Chen-Yee. Both Tintin and Captain Haddock meet Cheng Li-Kin during the journey to Nepal in search of Chang Cong-Chen after the latter's plane crashed in the Himalayas.Li-Kin discourages Tintin from searching for Chang, believing him to be dead. However, this does not stop Tintin, who is still convinced that he is alive and in need of rescue.Cheng Li-Kin has a son who lives with him by the name of Chang Lin-Yee. Lin-Yee helps his father run his Katmandu business.At the end of Tintin in Tibet, Li-Kin reunites with his nephew Chang, who had indeed survived the plane crash as Tintin predicted and who had been protected by the Yeti the entire time.

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