Coco is a Congolese from the Belgian Congo, Africa. He was a friend of Tintin's in Tintin in the Congo. They met when Tintin needed a guide.


Coco is a brave and a friendly person and a good cook. Tintin escaped many dangerous situations thanks to Coco, one of them being when the Juju man tried to frame Tintin, saying that he had stolen the statue. When he captured Tintin, Coco rescued him from death. Coco soon disappeared from the story and was never seen again the Tintin series.

In the story, Coco wears a blue shirt and light gray shorts, but on the book cover he wears a red shirt and his shorts are not visible while he is sitting in Tintin's jeep. In Tintin in Congo, Coco was last seen in helping Tintin to escape and record the conversation bewteen the Juju man and the white stowaway, as Snowy calls him.

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