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Colonel Boris Jorgen was an aristocrat and colonel of the Syladavian Army, as well as a sworn enemy of Tintin. He's one of the villains. His appearance, attitude and demeanor were based heavily on Adolf Hitler.


The name Boris Jorgen is never used in full, but is inferred. Both first and last names have a German ring to them, this may be a reference to the German Anschluss of Austria on which the Bordurian annexation plot is based.


Boris is a primary antagonist in King Ottokar's Sceptre, when Tintin first comes to King Muskar XII's palace to tell him about how professor Alembick is an impostor. However, he is directed to Boris Jorgen's office instead. Tintin is certain that this information is for the king's ears only, so Boris hands him over to a guard to escort him to the king's office. But the guard was working for Boris, the guard and a few other men tried to capture him but they failed and Tintin escaped. Tintin climbed up to a window where everyone was gathered for a concert in the great hall, Tintin simply had to talk to the king, so he came in through the balcony doors and started running toward the king. But then Boris and some other men stop him and call the guards. Boris tells king Muskar that it is just a young Anarchist who managed to get into the palace. The next day while Tintin is walking along the street, the king and Boris are driving in their car and accidentally hit Tintin. The king gets out of the car and comes to Tintin's aid. Boris tells the king that this is the young Anarchist who tried to break into the palace, but Tintin punches him in the face temporarily knocking him out. Tintin then tells king Muskar about professor Alembick being an imposter along with Boris and they are trying to steal his sceptre! Then, Boris regains consciousness and tells the king that this is a lie but he believes Tintin now and orders Boris to return to the palace.

Jorgen as seen in the book series.

Boris makes a brief appearance in Destination Moon, then confronts Tintin in Explorers on the Moon, wanting to take revenge for ruining his attempt to the Syldavian Throne, having stowed away on the moon rocket. He and his accomplice Frank Wolff attempt to maroon the rocket crew on the moon, but are prevented from doing so by Tintin. Jorgen escapes custody during the return flight and attempts to kill the rocket crew, but Wolff turns on him, and he accidentally shoots Jorgen in the heart, killing him, His body was put in space.

Jorgen as seen hitting Tintin in the book series.