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Corporal Diaz was an army official in San Theodoros. He is first seen being demoted from the rank of Colonel by General Alcazar who replaced Diaz with Tintin after Diaz complained that his army had too many colonels and too few corporals.


Diaz as seen in the book series.

Diaz was a colonel and Alcazar's aide-de-camp but was later demoted after complaining about the number of colonels and lack of corporals and suggested that Tintin should become a corporal. After that suggestion, Alcazar demoted Diaz into a corporal. As a result, Diaz swore revenge by joined a terrorist group.

In his revenge, he engaged in repeatedly unsuccessful assassination attempts against Alcazar and Tintin. He first threw a bomb in Alcazar's office, but Tintin saw it and threw it out, knocking Diaz into a fountain.

In his second attempt, he brought dynamite but forgot to bring the matches. Coincidentally, Alcazar threw a cigar out the window and landed on Diaz's hat, catching him on fire and forcing him to jump into a fountain again.Then he finally lights the bomb and hides behind a statue of General Olivaro. The dynamite exploded, and the head of the statue he was hiding behind was blown off and fell on Diaz's head, and Alcazar only suffered from Jaundice, a type of shock. He was rebuked by his boss for incorrectly planting the bomb.

His last attempt, which leads to his death, was when he was given a time bomb that explodes at "exactly" 11 o'clock. Along the way, Diaz notices his watch stops working and looks at a clock. It turns out all the city clocks were also incorrect. Repairmen were hired to fix them, and when Diaz looked at one again, an hour later, the actual time was 11 o'clock, 1 hour later than what Diaz thought. Ironically, meanwhile, Alcazar had arrested and sentenced Tintin to death due to faked evidence against him and promoted Diaz back to colonel just before the bomb blew up, killing Diaz.