Craig Dhui Castle is a fictional castle in Scotland. The castle is thought of as cursed by the local residents of the area in the town of Kiltoch. This reputation is encouraged in order to keep people away as the castle is home to a counterfeiting operation run by Dr. J.W. Müller.There Is radio control room and castle towner and more in the castle.Nobody ever been to the Island because it haunted.Tintin was the only one to return from the Island.


The Black Island

The castle was thought of as cursed by the local residents until Tintin went to the island to find that the monster was no more than a harmless gorilla named Ranko.  Ranko was used by Dr. J.W. Müller to scare away locals so they would stay away from the castle in order for the counterfeit ring to continue.  Tintin foiled the plan by calling the police to the island so Doctor J. W. Müller and his accomplices could get arrested.

The castle's cameo in the opening credits of The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn.


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