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Cutts the Butcher (French: Henri Sanzot) is a local butcher in the town of Marlinspike.


Cutt's shop's phone number (431) is constantly confused with Marlinspike Hall's (421). As a result the mansion's inhabitants are endlessly plagued by orders for meat products. One such call for him was made to Haddock, who would later realise he mistook the name "Fourcart" for Cutts, and is embarrassed to find out it wasn't for Cutts the Butcher. Cutts was one of the many who wrote congratulatory letters to Captain Haddock when the news of his "engagement" with Bianca Castafiore was published. He is also the chief of the music society of Marlinspike.


  • Cutts would also appear later in a television ad for cooking oil along with Professor Calculus in 1979.[1]