Doctor William Midge (French: Docteur André Hornet) is an archaeologist and biologist who is the director of the Darwin Museum.


Doctor Midge first appears in The Seven Crystal Balls as one of the seven members of the Sanders-Hardiman Expedition, a research group designated to locate and extract information of the tomb of Rascar Capac, a fictional ancient Incan monarch. Unfortunately, when the participants of the group became targets of punishment from the last remaining people of the Incas, Midge was the sixth victim who was placed in deep coma after being hit with a crystal ball, one of the Inca descendants' methods of black magic. During this exploit, Thompson and Thomson were sent to protect Doctor Midge from getting attacked at his office, but when the detectives insisted to inspect a package sent to him to which they thought could have been a device against his will was actually a unknown specimen butterfly, Midge was hit beyond their notice, and then later hospitalised alongside all other members of the Sanders-Hardiman Expedition.

Midge in his Ill state.

Fortunately, he was eventually awakened after the curse was lifted after Tintin and Captain Haddock traveled to Peru in search of Professor Calculus by the last remaining Incas, and Rupac Inca Hucao ended the deep coma casted upon the members of the expedition after Tintin gained his trust.

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