Dr. Finney is a physician encountered by Tintin at an outpost in Gaipajama, a fictional principality located in British Colonial India.


Finney diagnosed Tintin's friend Sophocles Sarcophagus as being poisoned with Rajaijah Juice, making him completely mad. He is in league with the Kih-Oskh Brotherhood narcotic smuggling operation. At the orders of superiors in the brotherhood, Finney writes a false commitment letter to the superintendent of a nearby insane asylum to imprison Tintin instead of the Rajaijah Juice maddened Sarcophagus and Zloty. He is only a villain in the animated series and this can be proven as in the book The Fakir saying that he has copied the doctor's handwriting and substituted a letter which makes out that Tintin is mad and not the other two.

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