El Chapo (also known as Gran Chapo) is a geographical region in South America which overlaps the border between San Theodoros and Nuevo-Rico. It was thought that the area was a custodian of large oil reserves, resulting in R.W. Trickler, a business representative of the General American Oil company, to use subterfuge to spark a war between the two nations in order to secure the oil for the company.

The Chapo War was short and indecisive, resulting in a stalemate. It is eventually revealed that the notion of the presence of oil in the area was unfounded.


  • El Chapo is a resemble to the Gran Chaco region which occupies a portion of the Paraguayan, Argentinian and Bolivian territory.
  • The Chapo Conflict is an allegory of the Guerra del Chaco. A real conflict between Paraguay and Bolivia in 1932.
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