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Estensoro is a Spanish butler and criminal worker who appeared in the film Tintin and the Blue Oranges in The Adventures of Tintin series.

He was first seen when Don Lopez called him to look for his cousin, Antenor Zalamea. He told him that Antenor Zalamea was not in his laboratory, and Don Lopez was surprised. When Don Lopez invited them to his laboratory, he invites Tintin Haddock, for dinner. Estensoro spied on Cuthbert Calculus, and probably told the kidnappers to chloroform Snowy, and kidnap Calculus, as he told his men to kidnap Zalamea before. When Tintin, Haddock, and Don Lopez arrived to the scene, Don Lopez realized the incident, and orders Estensoro to call the police, not knowing that Don Lopez initiated the incident.

He also invites Thompson and Thomson at the Hacienda Bello Horizonte, and told them in Spanish that the floors are very slippery, and probably told the disguised agents as the detectives to kidnap them to the hideout.

After the wild goose chase from the loose animals, Estensoro realized that Zalamea and Calculus are trying to notify police to rescue them, so he rode on his motorcycle, and being chased by Tintin, and Haddock. Tintin manages to capture him, defeating him, and the Spanish police arrested him afterwards.