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Explorers on the Moon is a two-part episode of The Adventures of Tintin, produced by Ellipse-Nelvana, based on the book of the same name by Hergé.

Changes from the Book

The episode begins with the crew in the control cabin since the opening to the book was used in the previous episode. Tintin's attempt to rescue Haddock from his impromptu spacewalk around the asteroid Adonis is made more dramatic and heightened than in the book, with both of them getting pulled into orbit and Tintin having to use a grappling iron to return them to the rocket. Despite that, the tense nature of the adventure is toned down somewhat with Snowy's rescue from the cave omitted from the story. The role of the spymaster behind Jorgen has also been reduced.

Captain Haddock is seen drinking alcohol, setting up the following scene where he leaves the rocket in a drunken state. He does not hide the bottle in a book of Astronomy, as he did in the book, but keeps the bottle in the refrigerator, making it less obvious for younger viewers that it is, in fact, alcohol.

Voice cast

Production errors

  • In part 1, when Tintin tells the Captain how he is going to get him back on board the rocket, the antenna of his space suit is missing.
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