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General Alcazar is a general-ranked military officer of the San Theodoran army. He is involved in a never-ending struggle for power with his arch-rival General Tapioca, both men claiming leadership of the country and renaming its capital after themselves whenever they arrive in power.


Alcazar's early life is quite a mystery, but his later life is all too colorful. When Alcazar first encountered Tintin, in The Broken Ear he was the ruler of San Theodoros. After a military coup staged by General Tapioca, he was removed from power and forced to flee from San Theodoros.

Alcazar's first appearance as seen in the book series.

Sometime after the coup, Alcazar, now working as Ramon Zarate, found a job as a knife thrower in a variety show. It is unclear how long Alcazar maintained his job but it is assumed that he quit not long after Tintin and Captain Haddock visited him.

Alcazar eventually made his way to America where he met and married his wife Peggy. The reasons why he married Peggy (who was a very unattractive and abusive woman) are unknown. After his marriage to Peggy, Alcazar returned to San Theodoros to over throw Tapioca.

General Alcazar as a Picaro as seen in the animated series.

Alcazar formed a group of terrorists known as Los Picaros and hid in the jungle with them. One of the Picaros was a man named Pablo who served as a spy and underground contact for Alcazar. Pablo sent word to Alcazar that Tintin and his friends had a plan to escape from General Tapioca and they needed his help. Alcazar cooperated with the plan, not knowing that it was a trap staged by Colonel Alvarez. When the Picaros rescued Tintin and the others they discovered the trap and barely managed to escape with their lives. Afterwards, Alcazar took the group to the secret Picaro camp, unfortunately they arrived to find the Picaros stone drunk. Due to his inability to keep the Picaros' drinking under control, Alcazar agreed to let Professor Calculus give his men doses of a newly invented pill that would make the taste of alcohol unbearable. The pills worked and soon the Picaros were back to their training.

Alcazar while working on stage under the pseudonym Ramon Zarate

The day before the Picaros were to take back San Theodoros, Alcazar's camp was invaded by Jolyon Wagg and his Jolly Follies. At first Alcazar was all to eager to throw the dancing group back out on the street, but after a talk with Tintin he allowed them to stay but only because they planned to use them to take back San Theodoros.

The next morning Alcazar and the Picaros took the Jolyon Wagg's bus and headed for San Theodoros. Using the costumes of the Jolly Follies as disguise Alcazar and his men snuck into the capital. The Picaros were able to take complete control and, despite Alcazar's disapproval, the revolution was bloodless.

At the end, he gives the Order of San Fernando awards to honor their victory.


"She may seem a little harsh at first, but she has a heart of gold!

"Of course, of course, one sees it at once!"

–Alcazar to Captain Haddock.

Peggy Alcazar is the only known person with which General Alcazar has had any relationship. He met and married Peggy sometime after his days as a knife thrower. His reasons for marrying Peggy are unclear, as she is a very rude, unattractive and abusive woman. Yet despite Peggy's many flaws Alcazar treats her tenderly and has utmost respect for her.

Alcazar and Peggy's marriage is far from happy, as Peggy continually abuses her husband and is often rude and boorish to his friends. Peggy is an extremely negative person and therefore can sometimes be rather trying to Alcazar's patience.

Peggy's tender soft hearted side is never shown, but it is hinted that maybe she does have that "heart of gold" Alcazar spoke of. She calls her husband by his last name most of the time, but sometimes she calls him by his pet name "Zarzar," therefore hinting that their relationship at times may be a tender loving one.  


Alcázar is a Spanish word meaning castle, palace or fortress, from Arabic القصر al qasr. During his stage career, he adopts the name Ramon Zarate. Peggy Alcazar calls her husband by his surname, or occasionally the pet name "Zazar" or "the monster".


Alcazar is the president of San Theodoros in The Broken Ear. At the time of The Seven Crystal Balls he lost the power to his rival and was exiled, so he become a cabaret act in Europe in order to survive. In The Red Sea Sharks, Alcazar seems to have returned to "politics" as he is discovered to be buying weapons from an arms dealer, Mr. Debrett. In Tintin and the Picaros, Alcazar has returned to his country and is heading a guerrilla brigade, Los Picaros in the tropical forest. He is also now married to an American woman, Peggy, who bullies him. Tintin, though uninterested in his revolution, understands that returning Alcazar to power is the best way to rescue Bianca Castafiore and the Thompsons. As the book ends, Alcazar is once again in charge of the country but the final illustration suggests that the revolution makes no difference to the lives of ordinary San Theodorans.