R.W. Trickler, a representative of General American Oil.

General American Oil is an American oil company. It is represented by R.W. Trickler and is prominent in The Broken Ear.


In The Broken Ear, R.W. Trickler, a representative of General American Oil, attempts to bribe Tintin so that the company could control of the oil deposits in El Chapo, which would spark a war between San Theodoros and Nuevo-Rico. Trickler offers Tintin $100,000 to persuade General Alcazar to accept his offer, but Tintin refuses to do so. Trickler then plans to kill Tintin with the help of his right-hand man, Rodriguez, and Pablo. After Tintin escapes murder, Trickler tricks Alcazar into believing that Tintin is a spy. However, General American Oil manages to manipulate Nuevo-Rican General Mogador into declaring war on San Theodoros.

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