General Wakawa Haranochi is a Japanese military officer who is general-ranked, new to Shanghai, who had come to inspect the local barracks and judge whether or not the local commissioned officer was worthy of a rank promotion.


Somehow, Tintin managed to ambush Haranochi while en route, and disguised himself as the General so as to pass the Japanese security line and reach the safety of the Shanghai International Settlement and gave many soldiers detention in the prison along the way.

After Tintin and Snowy had accomplished this, a Japanese soldier ran to inform the Major that a short, stocky man in his underwear was wanting to see him and claiming he was the real General Haranochi. He reveals he was attacked en-route to the barracks and was stripped of his uniform and identity. The Japanese would later charge Tintin with illegally wearing a military uniform and medals.1


  • Interestingly, General Wakawa Haranochi bears a strong resemblance to Hideki Tojo, the famous and controversial general of the Imperial Japanese Army and Minister of War of the Empire of Japan during World War II and during the reign of Emperor Hirohito or Emperor Showa.


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