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General Tapioca is the arch-enemy of Tintin's friend General Alcazar. Both he and Alcazar are generals in the army and the presidents of the fictional Latin American Republic of San Theodoros.


He assumes dictatorial leadership of the country with comedic frequency. He won back power from Alcazar sometime before The Seven Crystal Balls, with aid from the Kûrvi-Tasch regime in Borduria. By the end of The Red Sea Sharks Tapioca had once again been replaced by Alcazar as the leader of the banana republic but would still regain power later on. In Tintin and the Picaros, General Tapioca was toppled yet again and exiled to Borduria after General Alcazar once again took control.


Tapioca, according to many, is an egostistical, vain man. He renamed the capital of San Theodoros, Los Dopicos, to "Tapiocapolis".