Herbert Dawes was a sailor whom was a former crew member of the Karaboudjan.


The murder of Herbert Dawes.

In his first and only appearance in The Crab with the Golden Claws, Dawes made contact with a Japanese policeman, Bunji Kuraki, and intended to sabotage the unlawful activities of the Karaboudjan and its crew smuggling opium under their captain's nose for Omar Ben Salaad. He had just enough time to write down the ship's name on a piece of label paper from a crab tin, which was what the ship's crew used alongside many more of these tins to disguise the opium on board before he was discovered and murdered by his shipmates, led by first mate Allan Thompson. Dawes' killing was later supposed as him going accidentally overboard due to him being assumed to had been incredibly drunk.

He was very much key to the events in The Crab with the Golden Claws, since the discovery of his body was what started the investigation of the case by European authorities; including Tintin and the Thompsons, and greatly helped exposed the criminal actions of the crew onboard the Karaboudjan and Ben Salaad.


  • Although Dawes' visual appearance was never shown in the original Crab with the Golden Claws book and most adaptations of the adventure, it was finally revealed in the Eclipse-Nelvana adaptation of the story during the beginning of the episode.
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