Hergé's Adventures of Tintin
Objective Moon
Director(s) Ray Goossens
Orig. airdate 1959 - 1963
Episode no. 104 five minute epidodes

Hergé's Adventures of Tintin was an animated television series from the late 1950s/early 1960s, produced by two French companies (Tele-Hachete, and Belevision). The series would later become known as the Belevision series. This show is no longer aired on TV.

Changes from the books

This series varied widely from the original books, often changing whole plots.

In Objective Moon, The journey to the moon was all about rescuing Snowy, who was stuck inside the test rocket. Captain Haddock's Loch Lomond whiskey is substituted with coffee, and when he is pulled into orbit, he is not drunk, instead his feet are aching, so he takes his boots off. The tank is changed to a hovering car called "the moonmobile." Professor Calculus, Haddock, and the Thompsons investigate the dark side of the moon in it, but get caved in on after a meteor shower. Snowy frees them by providing them with dynamite. Jorgen and Wolff survive, and at the conclusion, the rocket crashes into the mountains.

In The Crab with the Golden Claws, Tintin sees Herbert Dawes being drowned and investigates. In this version Tintin and Haddock already know each other, whereas in the book was their first meeting. Captain Haddock was drugged with real drugs, rather than whiskey by Allan Thompson. Also, diamonds are being smuggled in the crab tins instead of opium. While in the desert, Tintin and Haddock are attacked by a desert raider named Ahmed the Terrible, and later by the pilot of the seaplane.

In The Secret of the Unicorn, Barnaby and Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine are completely absent from the plot and Marlinspike Hall has been renamed "Hudson Manor". Max Bird tries to escape in his car, but in this version he is followed by Tintin, Haddock, and the Thompsons.

In Red Rackham's Treasure, both Tintin and Captain Haddock already know Calculus. Max Bird follows them, and attacks Tintin whilst underwater and is nearly killed by an octopus. There are also natives on the desert island, who very similar to the Arumbayas from The Broken Ear in appearance.

In The Star of Mystery, Professor Decimus Phostle is replaced by Professor Calculus. Coincidentally, the phostlite is retitled "calculite". Philippulus the Prophet works as Calculus' assistant. Professor Calculus accompanies Tintin on the meteorite, and the Peary’s captain and a crewman chase Tintin and Calculus on the meteorite, but are careered off by the giant spider. Captain Chester has been removed from the storyline, and Thompson and Thomson are present on the voyage, whereas in the book they only appear only in one panel.

In Black Island, Captain Haddock plays a prominent role, although he was not present in the original book. Professor Calculus also makes a cameo who was also absent originally. Tintin and Haddock hide in post office bags to get to Sussex, but Haddock gets in the wrong bag, and they are separated. Tintin later finds Haddock in Britain examining the plane. Dr. Müller is depicted much older with white hair and a goatee. Ranko doesn't break his arm in this version.

The Calculus Case was the most altered part of the series, the changes amount to a totally different story altogether. Jolyon Wagg was completely absent, and Calculus' ultrasound weapon is called "Silly the Silent" (or "No-Sound Nellie" in the US version.). The Thompsons' roles have been expanded, and Haddock is captured with Calculus in "Darkol Prison". Professor Topolino and Colonel Sponsz have been renamed "Professor Bretzel" and "Colonel Brutel" respectively.

There were notable changes in the characters themselves too. Captain Haddock does not have a desire for whiskey, and is depicted drinking coffee instead but still smoke from a pipe, Professor Calculus no longer has any hearing difficulties, and the Thompsons' moustaches are identical. Snowy also has a red collar in some of the versions.

Voice cast

U.S. version

U.K. version


1. Objective Moon
2. The Crab with the Golden Claws
3. The Secret of the Unicorn
4. Red Rackham's Treasure
5. The Star of Mystery
6. Black Island
7. The Calculus Case

The first episode, Objective Moon, makes reference to other earlier stories through Tintin reminiscing. It makes mention of Tintin in the Congo, The Land of Black Gold and The Red Sea Sharks.

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