Ivan is the criminal worker of the counterfeiting crooks led by Dr. J.W. Müller in The Black Island.


Ivan is usually the person Müller uses to carry out the real dastardly work of their operation. He knocked Tintin unconscious just outside the English town of Eastdown, leading to the latter's brief capture. He and the rest of the counterfeiting ring are eventually arrested.It has been suggested by some interpreters that Ivan is a White Russian, exiled after the Communist victory in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Even if Ivan is only the criminal worker, he is really obediant to his master, Doctor J.W Muller.

Ivan's appearance is only shown in the book series.


  • Due to some confusions between the book and the animated series, Ivan in the book version (as shown the picture) is Ivan, and has some blonde hair. In the animated series Ivan in the book series was replaced by Ivan the animated person version, with black hair, and with a mustache.
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