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Charles Gounod

The Jewel Song is an aria from the opera Faust by Gounod. It was originally written in French and the English translation shown below is not the same as the English lyrics used by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner in the English translations of The Adventures of Tintin.

The reader is reminded of Professor Calculus's excitement on finding the bracelet of Rascar Capac.

Je veux bien savoir 	        I would really like to know
quel était ce jeune homme;	Who was that young man;
Si c'est un grand seigneur,	If he is a great lord,
Et comment il se nomme.   	And what he is named?

Il était un Roi de Thulé	He was a king of Thulé,
Qui, jusqu'à la tombe fidèle,	Who unto the tombe was faithful,
Eut, en souvenir de sa belle,	Kept, in memory of his beautiful lady,
Une coupe en or ciselé.  	A cup, etched (chiseled) in gold.
Il avait bonne grâce    	He had good grace
à ce qu'il m'a semblé.	        So it seemed to me.
Nul trésor n'avait tant de charmes,	No treasure had more charmes,
Nul trésor n'avait tant de charmes,	No treasure had more charmes,
Dans les grands jours il s'en servait,	On great feastdays, he made use of it,
Et chaque fois qu'il y buvait,	        And each time he drank from it,
Ses yeux se remplissaient de larmes!	His eyes would fill with tears!
Les grands seigneurs ont seuls	        Grand Lords alone have
Des airs si résolus,	                Such resolute airs
Avec cette douceur!	                With such kindness!
Allons, n'y pensons plus!  Cher Valentin!   Well, let's think no more of it.  Dear Valentin!
Si Dieu m'écoute, je te reverrai!	    If God listens to me, I will see you again!
Me voilà toute seule!	Here I am all alone!
Un bouquet!  C'est de Siébel, sans doute!  A bouquet!  It"s from Siébel, no doubt!
Pauvre garçon!  Que vois-je là?	Poor boy!  What do I see there?
D'où ce riche coffret peut-il venir?	   Where can this rich casket come from?
Je n'ose y toucher, et pourtant...	   I dare not touch it,  and yet...
Voici la clef, je crois!	           Here is the key, I believe!
Si je l'ouvrais!	        If I should open it?
Ma main tremble!... Pourquoi?	My hand trembles!... Why?
Je ne fais, en l'ouvrant, 	I'm doing, by opening it,
rien de mal, je suppose! 	Nothing wrong, I suppose!
O Dieu!  que de bijoux!	        Oh God!  What jewels!
Est- un rêve charmant qui m'éblouit,	It is a charming dream which dazzles me,
ou si je veille?	                Or am I awake?
Mes yeux n'ont jamais vu	        My eyes have never seen
De richesse pareille!	                Richness like this!
Si j'osais seulement me parer un moment	Dare I only to adorn myself for one moment
De ces pendants d'oreille!	        With these ear pendants (earrings)?
Ah!  Voici justement,	                Ah,  just here it is,
 au fond de la cassette, un miroir!	at the base of the box, a mirror!
Comment n'être pas coquette?	        How can one not be stylish? 
Comment n'être pas coquette?	       How can one not be stylish?
Ah! je ris de me voir	  Ah, I laugh to see myself 	
 si belle en ce miroir,	  so beautiful in this mirror,
Ah! je ris de me voir	  Ah, I laugh to see myself 	
 si belle en ce miroir,	  so beautiful in this mirror,
Est-ce toi, Marguerite, est-ce toi?	Is it you, Marguerite, it is you?
Réponds-moi, réponds-moi,	        Answer me, answer me,
Réponds, réponds, réponds vite!	        Respond, respond, respond quickly!
Non! Non! ce n'est plus toi!	        No No!  it's no longer you!
Non...non, ce n'est plus ton visage;	No...no, it's no longer your face;
C'est la fille d'un roi; c'est la fille d'un roi!	It's the daughter of a king, (repeat)
Ce n'est plus toi, ce n'est plus toi, etc.	        It's no longer you, etc.
Qu'on salut au passage!	One must bow to her as she passes!
Ah s'il était ici!	Ah if only he were here!
S'il me voyait ainsi! 	If he should see me thus
Comme une demoiselle	Like a lady
Il me trouverait  belle,  Ah!	                He would find me so beautiful,  Ah!
Comme une demoiselle, il me trouverait belle,	Like a lady, he would find me beautiful,
Comme une demoiselle, il me trouverait belle!	Like a lady, he would find me beautiful!
Achevons la métamorphose,	Lets complete the metamorphosis,
Il me tarde encor d'essayer	I am late yet in trying on
Le bracelet it le collier!	The bracelet and the necklace!
Dieu!  c'est comme une main,	God!  it's  like a hand
Qui sur mon bras se pose!  ah!  ah!	Which is placed on my arm!  Ah,  ah!
Ah! je ris 	                        Ah, I laugh 
de me voir si belle dans ce miroir!	to see myself so beautiful in this mirror!
 (repeat through " Qu'on salut au passage!")

Uses in the series

  • King Ottokar's Sceptre: when Bianca Castafiore meets Tintin in a car and demonstrates her ear-splitting voice.
  • The Castafiore Emerald: when Castafiore is being filmed, she sings it and her pet parrot interrupts the song.
  • Tintin and the Picaros: when Castafiore starts singing in the courtroom as a sign of her hatred for the prosecutor and after she's released from prison.