Jock McPhee is an American Naval Officer who works for the Naval Intelligence in Land of Black Gold in The Adventures of Tintin series. He was first seen where Tintin was hiding from Jock as he received the secret documents and was able to keep the documents in the safe place. He heard a sneeze and notices it was Snowy. He later boarded the Speedol Star in the next morning where he saw Snowy just like from last night. He realized that someone was after him, and he has to hide the documents. He met Thompson and Thomson to give him the diamonds because he doesn't want to reveal himself. Jock later chloroformed Snowy and attempted to drown Snowy. Tintin was about search him, and Jock McPhee attempted to escape when Tintin was knocked out. Fortunately, he was punched in the face by another sailor and knocked himself silly making him go mad.

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