Jumbo is one of the crooked sailors aboard the Karaboudjan who reports to Allan Thompson.


He was one of the sailors, along with Tom and Allan, who pursued Tintin inside the Karaboudjan. Jumbo is first seen notifying Allan Thompson that Captain Haddock wants him. He is later seen when Allan Thompson asks him to guard a porthole inside Captain Haddock's cabin in case Tintin comes through. However, it turns out Tintin was hiding in the locker under the bed. Allan Thompson then finds Jumbo tied and gagged to a chair. Because of this, Allan Thompson punches him Jumbo in the face and Tintin escapes in the longboat. In the animated television episode of The Crab with the Golden Claws, Jumbo is shown as being one of the thugs who kidnapped Bunji Kuraki from outside Tintin's apartment on Labrador Road along side his fellow crew members Tom and Pedro.

Canonical Changes

Initially, Jumbo was depicted as African, in the infamous "Black Face" appearance in the original black-and-white edition of The Crab with the Golden Claws and the first colour edition. This was changed by the second colour edition in the 1960's, when Hergé altered Jumbo's character to Caucasian.

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