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  Khemed is a nation located somewhere in the Middle-East, with one of its borders on the Red Sea. It is ruled as an Absolute Monarchy by the Emir. The Emirates second city is the oil port of Khemikhal, which is very active in the oil trade. The Emir himself resides in Hasch El Hemm, which is located 20 km from the capital. Khemed has appeared twice in the Tintin series in both The Land of Black Gold and The Red Sea Sharks.

The location was invented for subsequent version of the Land of Black Gold which was interrupted mid print due to the outbreak of World War II. Originally the adventure was set in British Palestine.


Khemed is located somewhere on the Arabian Peninsula's coast with the Red Sea. The land territory of the emirate consists mainly of a very large desert, Jebel Kadheïh, which is subject to the Khamsin, a burning sandstorm of wind blown from Egypt.

There are many suggestions that it is is closeby to Jordan as foreign reporters to Khemed correspond out of Beirut. There is also a regular air service between Wadesdah and Beirut. Khemed is also home to ruins from the Nabataean civilization, similair to those in Petra, Jordan.