Allan and the rest of the gang at the meeting.

The Kih-Oskh Brotherhood is a criminal organization that specializes mainly in drug smuggling. Publicly, it masquerades as a cigar company by the name "Flor Fina," the brand name for its hollow cigars. It is secretly headed by Roberto Rastapopoulos.


The organization is responsible for the opium smuggling in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India and China. The organization is enriched by profits from smuggling and probably owns numerous weapons, drugs, and strong systems of communication and transportation. It has a vast system of intelligence and reach, having agents in all sectors including criminals, civilians, military officers and politicians.

Known Members

The participants are either people with extreme loyalty to the order or who are hierarchically important. The known members are:

Operation: The Cigars of the Pharaoh

To hide their commodity, the association used the violated tomb of Pharaoh Kih-Oskh. The disguise was reinforced by the legend of a curse on the tomb, which kept away reporters, police and archaeologists. If someone discovered the secret, they were abducted and silenced with the poison of madness. The smuggling was done through fake cigars, having opium was placed inside the cigars.

Tintin discovers the storage of more cigars.

Relations With Other Smugglers

As an organization of Rastapopoulous, sub-headed by Allan, it is likely to be responsible for the defilement of the ship Karaboudjan and the opium smuggling by the crab cans. It is also related with Mitsuhirato and his unlawful activities. It is all part of a contraband plot that only Rastapopoulous is completely aware of.


Tintin found one of the secret bases of the organization and unmasked her members. The Indian authorities arrested the limbs and attacked other bases. This caused a serious setback for the smuggling operation that had to support itself in China as seen in The Blue Lotus.


  • Their password for the meeting in "Cigars of the Pharaoh" is "Gaipajaima" and "Kih-Oskh".
  • They are not allowed to expose their faces in meetings, and because of this anybody suspected of being a spy is shot dead.
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