King Ottokar's Sceptre is a two-part episode of The Adventures of Tintin, produced by Ellipse-Nelvana, based on the book of the same name by Hergé.

Changes from the Book

In the adaptation the imposter of Professor Hector Alembick smokes while the latter doesn't. It is the reverse in the book. In the book, Tintin got hungry and was chased back by border guards, while in the TV episode Tintin accidentally crossed the border because he found a Bordurian airfield. In the book, Tintin got the clue that the camera was faked from a toy store, while in the episode Tintin got the clue by looking at the cannons outside Kropow Castle and seeing some cannons. Also, King Muskar XII is renamed "King Ottokar XII."

Voice cast

Production errors

  • When Tintin gets off the plane with the Professor, his hair is brown instead of blonde.


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