King Ottokar IV was the King of Syldavia in the late 14th century, ascending to the throne in 1370. He subdued the counrty's powerful noble class, stripping their lands and wealth to redistribute to his people. Once this was accomplished he then set about promoting the arts, commerce, literacy and agriculture. He is regarded as a reformist leader and brought his people security and prosperity.

He is most famous for his subduing of Baron Staszrvitch who, after losing his family's lands to the crown, claimed the nations throne. The king silently listened. Staszrvitch drew his sword and charged the king. Ottokar responded by felling him with a single blow to the head with his sceptre. He then famously stated:

"'O sceptre, thou hast saved my life. Be henceforward the true symbol of Syldavian Kingship. Woe to the king who loses thee, for I declare that such a man shall be unworthy to rule thereafter."
—Ottokar IV to his court

From that day forth the ruling king of Syldavia is bound to present the sceptre to the peoples of his country on St. Vladimir's Day or be forced to abdicate. It is customary for the Syldavian national anthem at the occasion.

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