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Klow (Syldavian: Клов) is the capital and largest city of Syldavia. It has been the capital city of Syldavia since King Muskar I became the King of Syldavia in 1127. It was then that the city was renamed, its previous name being Zileheroum. By 1939, Klow had a population of 122,000 people making it Syldavias largest city. Klow means 'Freetown' in Syldavian ( Kloho means 'to free' and Ow means: 'town').

Tintin and Snowy at the Klow Restaurant.

Klow is shown to have a large variety of cultural architectural styles. Mostly typical Yugoslavian, but there are also many buildings hinting of Austrian and Turkish design, for example the old mosques. However, the Kropow castle's architecture and decoration is of Bohemian descent, but this could be because of the fame of Czech architecture. As a large and relateively well-off capital city, Klow has a large museum of natural science with mounted dinosaur skeletons. Klow is told to be the Capital of Mineral Water, and they are famous for their Klowaswa (Cyrillic: Кловасва), their national mineral water, literally meaning "Klow Water" or "Water from Klow." In contrast to ordinary Syldavians, who use the Cyrillic alphabet, the Royal Court in Klow uses the Latin alphabet.

Klow during the annual parade on St Vladimir's Day.