Krônick (chronic) and Klûmsi (clumsy), (French: Kronick et Himmerszeck) were Bordurian "Interpreters" assigned by the Chief of the Bordurian Airport Police to accompany/watch both Tintin and Captain Haddock.


In truth the pair were agents of the Bordurian government's secret police, the ZEP, a fact that Tintin was quick to pick up on. They watch over the Tintin and Haddock while they were staying at the Hotel Sznôrr in Szohôd before they manage to escape.

It is unknown if the two are related or not, but they are never mentioned as being "twins," unlike Thompson and Thomson who are on numerous occasions. The pair do share a remarkable number of similarities with the Thompsons though and are often interpreted as being their Bordurian equivallents.

They are both clumsy policemen like Thomson and Thompson.

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