Land of Black Gold is a two-part episode of The Adventures of Tintin, produced by Ellipse-Nelvana, based on the book of the same name by Hergé.

Changes from the Book

The car repairing parts featuring Thompson and Thomson were cut out. Mohammed Ben Kalish Ezab was given a more sympathetic and caring role and allows Tintin and Captain Haddock to take his car, whereas in the book, he does not. The role of Abdullah is downplayed, and he does not seem to cry as much as he does in the book. Also, the Emir already knows what Dr. Müller's real name is, while in the book he knows, and calls him Professor Smith, and knows his actual name at the end of the book.

The half-destroyed Marlinspike Hall was shown on TV, while in the book, it was shown in a photo taken by Professor Calculus. When Dr. Müller asks Tintin to destroy Formula 14 in exchange for riches, Tintin sternly refuses because he cares for his friends; in the book, he merely states that he was not interested.

Voice cast

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