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Hergé (22 May 1907 - 3 March 1983), the creator of Tintin, makes a number of cameo appearances influenced by film directors Alfred Hitchcock and Sir Peter Jackson (the producer of The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn).

The Adventures of Tintin (an animated series adaptation of the books from Meuthen & Little Brown, as produced by the French-Canadian company Ellipse-Nelvana), these brief appearances are not sporadic throughout the episodes, but he was rather featured in all of the episodes.

Cameo appearances

Feature-length films

Film Image Appearance
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn Herge in The Adventures of Tintin The Secret of the Unicorn.png A market artist who draws a picture of Tintin at the beginning of the movie

Animated series

Episode Image Appearance
The Crab with the Golden Claws Herge-crab02.jpg A helper who brings Tintin to his feet after the scuffle with kidnappers.
Herge-crab03.jpg A reporter interviewing Thompson and Thomson and Tintin.
The Secret of the Unicorn Herge-unicorn01.jpg Seen talking to Tintin 's landlady before the model of The Unicorn is stolen.
Red Rackham's Treasure Red Rackham Cameo.png A patron at the bar, The Anchor.
Cigars of the Pharaoh Herge-cigars01.jpg A crew member on Rastapopoulos' film set.
Herge-cigars02.jpg An inmate at the lunatic asylum with Edgar P. Jacobs.
The Blue Lotus Herge-bluelotus01.jpg Checking his watch as Tintin enters Mitsuhirato's establishment.
Herge-bluelotus02.jpg Sitting in a tea house in Hukow.
The Black Island Herge-blackisland01.jpg
A passenger on the trains that Tintin also travels on.
The Calculus Affair Herge-calculus01.jpg In the lobby of the Hotel Cornavin in Geneva.
Herge-calculus02.jpg A member of the audience at the opera in Szohôd.
The Shooting Star Herge-shootstar01.jpg A man in the street in his pyjamas after the earthquake.
The Broken Ear Herge-brokenear01.jpg
A photographer in the Museum of Ethnogrophy.
Herge-brokenear03.jpg A patron at the bar where Tintin informs Samuel Goldbarr of the Fetish's history.
King Ottokar's Sceptre Herge-ottokar01.jpg A witness to the escape of those responsible for attacking Tintin's apartment.
Herge-ottokar02.jpg One of the the audience members listening to Bianca Castafiore sing at the royal palace.
Tintin in Tibet Herge-tibet01.jpg Hergé can be seen writing in a pad after the visit to Chang's uncle
Tintin and the Picaros Herge-picaros01.jpg Drawing in the street just before Tintin arrives at the airport in Tapiocapolis.
Herge-picaros02.jpg A crowd member during the annual festival.
Land of Black Gold Thompson and Thomson walking up - tv show Land of Black Gold.jpg A dock worker/sailor as Thompson and Thomson board The Speedol Star.
Hergé Cameo.png An onlooker to the fireworks from Müller's palace.
Flight 714 Herge-f71401.jpg Sitting reading a book in Jakarta Airport.
Herge-f71402.jpg Appears in the Black/White TV news flash regarding Doctor Krollspell being found in India.
The Red Sea Sharks Herge-redsea01.jpg In the lobby of the hotel.
Herge-redsea02.jpg A guest on Marquis Di Gorgonzola's luxury yacht, the Scheherazade, to the left of an oriental looking woman and wear Syldavian dress.
The Seven Crystal Balls Herge-seven01.jpg A member of the Orchestra.
TSCB Cameo.png A patient at the hospital where the archeologists have been admitted.
Prisoners of the Sun Herge-prissun01.jpg A local, is at the railway station.
Herge-prissun02.jpg Writing in a sketch pad when Tintin and the others arrive in the village from the temple.
The Castafiore Emerald Herge-castafiore01.jpg A member of the film crew at Marlinspike Hall, holding a lamp.
Herge-castafiore02.jpg Hergé can be seen for a split second on Professor Calculus' Super Calcacolor.
Destination Moon Herge-rocket01.jpg An employee working on the scale model XFLR6.
19. Destination Moon-16-47-52-.jpg A criminal worker at Millers's hideout.
Explorers on the Moon Herge-moon02.jpg
A lunar technician.
Tintin in America Herge-america01.jpg One of Al Capone's gangsters.

Other appearances

Episode Image Appearance
The Crab with the Golden Claws Herge-crab01.jpg Hergé's mail box can also be seen next to Tintin's.

Hergè also makes a cameo appearance in the 1946 remake colour version of Tintin in the Congo. Hergè has also made a cameo appearance in the album King Ottokar's Sceptre on page 38 in the left hand corner of the panel where Tintin is being taken away by the authorities for breaking into the Royal Palace. He later appears as an artist on page 13 of The Calculus Affair as an artist drawing on his notebook in the right hand corner of the last panel.