Hergé (22 May 1907 - 3 March 1983), the creator of Tintin, makes a number of cameo appearances influenced by film directors Alfred Hitchcock and Sir Peter Jackson (the producer of The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn).

The Adventures of Tintin (an animated series adaptation of the books from Meuthen & Little Brown, as produced by the French-Canadian company Ellipse-Nelvana), these brief appearances are not sporadic throughout the episodes, but he was rather featured in all of the episodes.

Cameo appearances

Feature-length films

Film Image Appearance
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn Herge in The Adventures of Tintin The Secret of the Unicorn A market artist who draws a picture of Tintin  at the beginning of the movie

Animated series

Episode Image Appearance
The Crab with the Golden Claws Herge-crab02 A helper who brings Tintin to his feet after the scuffle with kidnappers.
Herge-crab03 A reporter interviewing Thompson and Thomson and Tintin.
The Secret of the Unicorn Herge-unicorn01 Seen talking to Tintin 's landlady before the model of The Unicorn is stolen.
Red Rackham's Treasure Red Rackham Cameo A patron at the bar, The Anchor.
Cigars of the Pharaoh Herge-cigars01 A crew member on Rastapopoulos' film set.
Herge-cigars02 An inmate at the lunatic asylum with Edgar P. Jacobs.
The Blue Lotus Herge-bluelotus01 Checking his watch as Tintin  enters Mitsuhirato's establishment.
Herge-bluelotus02 Sitting in a tea house in Hukow.
The Black Island Herge-blackisland01
A passenger on the trains that Tintin  also travels on.
The Calculus Affair Herge-calculus01 In the lobby of the Hotel Cornavin in Geneva.
Herge-calculus02 A member of the audience at the opera in Szohôd.
The Shooting Star Herge-shootstar01 A man in the street in his pyjamas after the earthquake.
The Broken Ear Herge-brokenear01
A photographer in the Museum of Ethnogrophy.
Herge-brokenear03 A patron at the bar where Tintin  informs Samuel Goldbarr of the Fetish's history.
King Ottokar's Sceptre Herge-ottokar01 A witness to the escape of those responsible for attacking Tintin's apartment.
Herge-ottokar02 One of the the audience members listening to Bianca Castafiore sing at the royal palace.
Tintin in Tibet Herge-tibet01 Hergé can be seen writing in a pad after the visit to Chang's uncle
Tintin and the Picaros Herge-picaros01 Drawing in the street just before Tintin  arrives at the airport in Tapiocapolis.
Herge-picaros02 A crowd member during the annual festival.
Land of Black Gold Thompson and Thomson walking up - tv show Land of Black Gold A dock worker/sailor as Thompson and Thomson board The Speedol Star.
Hergé Cameo An onlooker to the fireworks from Müller's palace.
Flight 714 Herge-f71401 Sitting reading a book in Jakarta Airport.
Herge-f71402 Appears in the Black/White TV news flash regarding Doctor Krollspell being found in India.
The Red Sea Sharks Herge-redsea01 In the lobby of the hotel.
Herge-redsea02 A guest on Marquis Di Gorgonzola's luxury yacht, the Scheherazade, to the left of an oriental looking woman and wear Syldavian dress.
The Seven Crystal Balls Herge-seven01 A member of the Orchestra.
TSCB Cameo A patient at the hospital where the archeologists have been admitted.
Prisoners of the Sun Herge-prissun01 A local, is at the railway station.
Herge-prissun02 Writing in a sketch pad when Tintin  and the others arrive in the village from the temple.
The Castafiore Emerald Herge-castafiore01 A member of the film crew at Marlinspike Hall, holding a lamp.
Herge-castafiore02 Hergé can be seen for a split second on Professor Calculus' Super Calcacolor.
Destination Moon Herge-rocket01 An employee working on the scale model XFLR6.
19. Destination Moon-16-47-52- A criminal worker at Millers's hideout.
Explorers on the Moon Herge-moon02
A lunar technician.
Tintin in America Herge-america01 One of Al Capone's gangsters.

Other appearances

Episode Image Appearance
The Crab with the Golden Claws Herge-crab01 Hergé's mail box can also be seen next to Tintin's.

Hergè also makes a cameo appearance in the 1946 remake colour version of Tintin in the Congo. This album was the only one to have had a cameo appearance by Hergè.

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