Snowy is subject to various injuries throughout The Adventures of Tintin. The following is a list of such events:

Tail Trauma

Tintin in the Land of the Soviets: Burned when Snowy is hurt in an explosion of a blasting fuse.

Tintin in the Congo: Bitten by a parrot; operated on by the ship surgeon of Thysville in order to prevent psittacosis.

  • Jammed in a door shortly after this operation; bitten by an electric ray fish (this event also zaps Tintin , via the rope).

Tintin in America: Stabbed by Bugsy Kidnap's swordstick at the Grynde meatworks factory.

Tail Trauma

Snowy being shot in the tail in The Broken Ear

The Broken Ear: Shot by a Nuevo-Rican soldier as Tintin  and Snowy escape from an army truck as it crosses the River Coliflor.

  • Accidentally hit by an unpoisoned dart after Dr Ridgewell shot a flower to demonstrate his aim; bitten by a piranha fish.

The Black Island: Snowy tail is caught in a steel door.

The Crab with the Golden Claws: Snowy  tail is burnt while escaping the wreckage of the plane that crashed in the Sahara Desert. The TV episode shows this in more depth.

The Secret of the Unicorn: Captain Haddock steps on it by mistake when telling of Sir Francis Haddock stamping on the fuse set to ignite the barrels of gunpowder in The Unicorn's magazine.

Red Rackham's Treasure: Exclusive to the original strip, at port prior to departure, Snowy's tail is hit by Captain Archibald Haddock  match after his finger catches fire.

Land of Black Gold: Jammed in a mousetrap inside Senhor Oliveira de Figueira's cupboard in Wadesdah.

  • Shortly afterwards Snowy  hurts his tail again in De Figueira's electric fan.

The Calculus Affair: Bitten by a swan after the taxi they were in was rammed into a lake in Switzerland.

Tintin in Tibet: When Captain Archibald Haddock lights his stove in the snow, it goes up in flames, burning his beard, and singeing Snowy's tail.

Sitting-on-Snowy Traumas

The Shooting Star: Captain Haddock accidentaly sits on Snowy when he tries to have a seat on Tintin's bunk while talking to him.

Tintin and the Picaros: Professor Calculus sits on Snowy when tries to sit on a chair while thinking about how poor Bianca Castafiore feels locked in prison by General Tapioca.

  • In the TV Episode, the chair is replaced with a bed.

Other Incidents

Tintin in America: When Bobby Smiles and Jake tie Tintin to a railway track, Smiles kicks Snowy when the dog intervenes.

The Shooting Star: Snowy gets scalded on full body contact after jumping off the seaplane into the water (which was boiling by the effects of the meteorite)

Explorers on the Moon: Boris Jorgen hits Snowy with a stick aboard the rocket, who later nudged Snowy into the open hatch smashing his leg in the process.

Flight 714: When Cpt. Haddock converses with Pietr Skut, Paolo Colombani steps on Snowy's front left leg.

Tintin and the Picaros: An electric eel zaps Snowy.

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