Manolo is a butler and military worker at a Los Dopican hotel.


Manolo is a San Theodoran butler who is assigned to watch Tintin, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus during their stay in a hotel. Colonel Alvarez orders Manolo to watch them very carefully. Just before Captain Archibald Haddock tries to escape by opening the window, he heard a crash and took his gun out. He told him that the windows are sealed for air conditioning to keep the cold air in and windows don't open. He leaves and slips on a banana peal, and his gun broke the window. He goes to clean up. Haddock tries to go to the store to buy tobacco, but Manolo stopped him because he told him that the Picaros might attack and insists Captain to go back to his room. Captain slammed the door behind him, leaving Manolo being stunned. He later had a minor accident and Pablo is his replacement.

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