Maurice Oyle is the manager of Grynde, an American meat producing company. (In the original French, his name is Tom Awake; in the redrawn French edition his name is Tom Hawake. Tom manages Slift & Co., a play on Swift & Co.)


Maurice Oyle's original design as Tom Awake as seen in the book series

Secretly, Maurice is in contact with the Director of Kidnap Inc, Bugsy Kidnap. When the director escapes from Tintin by falling through a trapdoor, he calls Maurice and tells him to get rid of Tintin.

The next day, Tintin receives a letter from Grynde telling them to come and visit their factory. Maurice takes him upstairs to where the making is done, Maurice activates a switch making the fence fall down. He then realises that there is a strike and that Tintin has survived. He goes over to his boss's house and the boss knocks him out. He is last seen being taking away to prison.

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