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Mik Kanrokitoff (French: Mik Ezdanitoff. Russian: Михаил Канрокитов, Mikhail Kanrokitov) appeared in Flight 714 and helped Tintin, Captain Haddock and their friends escape from the island after Roberto Rastapopoulos and his cohorts set off an explosive charge that stirred the island's volcano.

In Flight 714

Tintin and company first encounter Mik Kanrokitoff underneath the mysterious cave temple, soon after they escape from Rastapopoulous' guards. Kanrokitoff is apparently a famous figure (On the magazine "Space-Week"). Kanrokitoff explains what his "position" is: A "mediator" between Earth and extraterrestrial influences. He proves his mental powers when he hypnotizes an enraged Laszlo Carreidas, who was desperate for his hat. Kanrokitoff helps them through the catacombs of the underground, until they reach a crater near a geyser. As the group nears the geyser, Kanrokitoff calls in an unknown craft to rescue them. Tintin and company board on. Stating that Earth still not ready to learn about the existence of other worlds, Kanrokitoff then hypnotizes the group, making them forget all the events that had occured within the previous 12 hours. Kanrokitoff directs the alien craft to fly off the island.

When Kanrokitoff sees Rastapopoulos and his cohorts fleeing the erupting volcano in a dinghy he uses his hypnotic powers to take them aboard the spaceship to an unknown fate. He then directs Tintin and his friends to take the criminals' place in the dinghy, using his hypnotism to make them forget their alien encounter.

Sometime after Tintin and his friends are put in the dinghy, Kanrokitoff brings Dr. Krollspell back to Cairo, Egypt (India in the animated series) and hypnotizes him to make him forget most of time since his disappearance about a month prior to the events of Flight 714 to Sydney.

Name, appearance, and background

Mik Kanrokitoff's name is loosely based from the Russian name, Mikhail Kanrokitov. His appearance is based from Jacques Bergier, a paranormal specialist. His profession seems to be into the extraterrestrial and astronomical, as he was featured on Space-Week.