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"Coming, Sir..."

Nestor was first introduced to the series in The Secret of the Unicorn where he served as a butler for the Bird Brothers, who were the original owners of Marlinspike Hall but now he serves as a butler for Captain Archibald Haddock. He has a talent for saving bottles from falling off a tray, as seen in The Seven Crystal Balls.


Nestor's first appearance was walking in on Tintin while he was making a plead for help to Captain Haddock. Nestor questioned Tintin as to who he was, Tintin replied claiming he was the Birds' new secretary. Nestor soon discovers that Tintin was lying, and a series of negativity is apparent between the two, due to Nestor's loyalty he has towards his employer. Captain Haddock then reclaims the property when the Bird Brothers are sent to trial. Nestor then returns to Marlinspike to serve under Captain Haddock, which he serves faithfully. He continued as a recurring character in all subsequent Tintin comics to feature the hall as a loyal servant. Nestor rarely leaves the grounds of Marlinspike estate. In The Castafiore Emerald he is depicted as having stereotypical suspicions of the gypsies, while in Tintin and the Picaros he is depicted drinking Haddock's whiskey and listening at doors to Tintin and Haddock's conversations. After Prince Abdullah's visit in The Red Sea Sharks causes him to visibly lose weight, Nestor's explanation for it was that the crown prince's visit had been a little trying on him.

Feature Film

Nestor appeared in the film adaptation of The Adventures of Tintin as the butler of Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine. He is shown as good-hearted and even secretly aids Tintin by giving him a hint as to what the model ship contained. It is also hinted that he is displeased with his employer as he states that Sakharine does not pay him at all. At the end of the film he becomes Haddock's butler. Oddly enough a nigh on identical character can be seen as a mate ("Mr. Nichols") aboard the Unicorn as a close confidant of Sir Francis Haddock as well, indicating that he is perhaps a descendant.