The Noble Prince of the Sun is the ruling monarch of a hidden Temple lying deep within the the Andes mountains.


It was he who spared Zorrino from the harm after Tintin gave him Huascar's medallion. However, Tintin and Captain Haddock are both sentenced to death by the Prince for sacrilege. The Inca prince does grant them the time they choose when the Sun itself will ignite the pyre for which they are destined for. After Tintin exploits a conveniently timed solar eclipse, the Prince of the Sun begs Tintin to make the Sun shine again. Tintin agrees on the condition that he, Haddock, Zorrino and Professor Calculus will be set free. Later, the Prince of the Sun tells of the crystal balls used against the explorers who excavated Rascar Capac's tomb contained a "mystic liquid" obtained from coca, which forced the seven explorers into a deep sleep. The Inca prince was convinced that the explorers wished only to show the world the splendours of their civilisation. The Inca prince orders Rupac Inca Huaco to destroy the wax voodoo figures and at that moment in Europe the seven explorers awaken.


In the 1969 film Tintin and the Temple of the Sun, the Prince of the Sun is portrayed slightly differently to his comic depiction. In the film he is also shown to have a daughter who attempts to help Tintin and the others as well having a crush on Zorrino.

The Noble Prince of the Sun as seen in the book series.

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