The picture of Ottokar IV's sceptre in a travel brochure.

Ottokar IV's Sceptre is the symbol of the King's right to rule the country of Syldavia. The reigning King of Syldavia must possess the sceptre to rule, or otherwise be forced to abdicate on St. Vladmir's Day This is a tradition that was established after a past king used the sceptre to repel a would-be assassin. Every year the King rides in a parade on St. Vladimir's Day carrying it, while the crowd sings the national anthem. As a result of the sceptre's high importance and value it is kept under severe protection within the walls of Kropow Castle.

The sceptre was the target of a conspiracy from Borduria to Finally Re-Conquer Syldavia and overthrow king Muskar XII. The twin brother of Hector Alembick is granted permission to take a photograph of the sceptre. He uses a device hidden in his camera to propell the sceptre out a window to a waiting Bordurian agent . Tintin discovers this plot and gives chase to the agent, stopping him just before the two nations border.

Tintin returns to Klow with the sceptre but drops it outside the King's palace. Snowy picks it up and brings it into the King, just before he was to announce his abdication. The King then preforms the parade as per usual and knights Tintin for his part in returning the sceptre to him.

The King displaying the sceptre during the annual parade on St Vladimir's Day from within his carrige.

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