Pablo is a hired assassin and military worker in San Theodoros.


He was originally sent to assassinate Tintin in The Broken Ear after being paid $5,000 by R.W. Trickler's right hand man Rodriguez, but Pablo ends up saving the reporter’s life from another assassination attempt by Ramon Bada.

Pablo appeared again in Tintin and the Picaros, where initially he is shown to aid Tintin and his friends while also being known as a trusted associate of General Alcazar, but he later double-crosses him, Tintin and their other associates in favour of instead working for General Tapioca and Colonel Sponsz. Pablo almost gets them killed on the road to Alcazar's camp via a secretly placed cannon (to Pablo's ears, they were killed), but luckily, they were saved by Tintin noticing a monkey on the road being frightened by the cannon, resulting in him urging General Alcazar to stop their truck.

Although Alcazar and Captain Haddock believe Pablo truly betrayed all of them, Tintin pointed out that Pablo actually helped them; because of his actions, Colonel Sponsz believes that Tintin and his friends are now dead, and this leaves them free to come up with their own plan to rescue Bianca Castafiore and the Thompsons during the adventure.

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