Payne is a São Rican oilman who appears in The Shooting Star in The Adventures of Tintin series. He is first seen when Captain Archibald Haddock arrived to him asking for oil. He verified that he is the captain of the Aurora, and he lied to Haddock that he doesn't have oil. As he continues to insist that he doesn't have any oil, Captain Haddock went off furiously away. Fortunately, Tintin and Captain Chester has an idea of instead of fueling it to the Aurora, Chester asked Payne to refuel the Sirius, not knowing that Payne is actually filling the oil from Payne to the Sirius, transferring to the Aurora. He then sends the note to Mr. Bohlwinkel, and as he heard the whistle, he assumed it was the Sirius, but was actually the Aurora leaving the port.

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